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Rex John, Author


Carson doesn't like the way the word is going. He thinks people are lazy and stupid. Worse, they are bad-mannered. Something must be done -- and he is just the person to do it. "If you like your crime fiction with a touch of humor, this is the book for you."

The Pillow Goes Under Your HeadThe Pillow Goes Under Your Head

"Life is funny — not to mention strange," Rex says, and he proves it in these 24 essays from his own life. His stories take place on horseback, in elevators, in his dentist's office — and sitting on an anthill at a picnic. They are, as one fan wrote, "vividly descriptive."

The Flying ShoeThe Flying Shoe

Trevor is new to Portland and needs to make friends. He finds three, but must first solve a problem involving money, death and a "borrowed" car. "This novella is engaging!," says one reader. "That's all I want to say because I don't want to give away the end."